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About your appointment...........

About Your Appointment

We want to provide all of our patients with good customer service while making sure that each receives the medical attention they need to be well. The following tips will help us help you while also ensuring that we can help others as well.

What to Bring

Please bring the following:

  • Photo identification (driver’s license, State ID, passport, government ID)
  • Current health insurance card
  • A list of current medications including the dosage
  • A list of other physicians or other locations of care you may currently be using and any x-rays or MRI reports that you have had within the past year.

Early Arrival

A new patient should plan to arrive 15 to 30 minutes early with patient information form completely filled out in BLACK ink.

An established patient should plan to arrive 10-15 minutes early if there is any information that has changed and needs to be updated since your last visit.

Late Arrival

A patient is considered late when he or she arrives after their scheduled appointment time.

If you are more than 10 minutes late for your appointment, we may ask you to reschedule or will let you know that we will try to work you in as available, but that other patients who have arrived on time for their appointments may see the provider first.

Please let us know as soon as possible if you want to cancel an appointment so that we may fill the appointment time.  You may leave a message on the answering machine after hours.

Please note that new patients are asked to arrive 15-30 minutes early in order to complete new patient forms.  In that case, a late arrival would be less than 15 minutes prior to the appointment time.

If you are an established patient and you arrive 15 minutes late or more to your appointment you will likely be asked to reschedule unless the physician’s schedule can still accommodate you.

Priority will be given to the patients who arrive on time and you may have to be worked in between them. This may mean you will have a considerable wait. If this is not convenient for you, you may choose to reschedule.

One or two late patients cause the entire daily schedule to fall behind. This is an inconvenience to everyone. We strive to see every patient as close to their appointment time as possible.

Likewise, if you are a new patient and you arrive at the scheduled appointment time and not early to complete your forms as instructed, and it takes more than 15 minutes to complete the forms and the registration process, you may also be asked to reschedule.


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